Violence on television essay

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One of the most successful television series in history, Star Trek, was created, produced and (largely) written by Gene Roddenberry, whose primary message was peaceful coexistence.

The series started in 1966 and its various incarnations continued until 2006. The series won scores of humanitarian awards.  Colleges have even offered English courses that focus on the series.

Anyone who has followed Star Trek knows that (under Roddenberry) gratuitous violence was almost never seen. One wonders how many TV and film producers can say the same.

Violence is definitely something that I don’t feel very comfortable with. I don’t feel comfortable with doing it, or necessarily with watching. So, this was a tricky job at times. I had to be honest with myself and go, “There are enough things that I love about this that I just have to be uncomfortable with some of it.” And I don’t think he’s a naturally a, particularly, violent character. And tries to not be violent when possible. And he’s allowed to feel uncomfortable when he has to be. If that makes sense.

Violence on television essay

violence on television essay


violence on television essayviolence on television essayviolence on television essayviolence on television essay