Trey anistasio thesis

4. His college senior project was a concept album : Called The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday, the collection is still unreleased, though the songs from the project have been played throughout Phish's career.

5. Phish has hit the top 10 album charts three times : The band reached the top 10 of the Billboard 200 with 2014's Fuego, which peaked at No. 7, and 1996's Billy Breathes . They also hit the top 10 with 1998's "Story of the Ghost."

6. The longest continuous Phish set lasted nearly eight hours: Like the Dead, winding, elaborate jams are Phish's calling card but the band went to extreme lengths on their New Year's Eve 1999 festival in Big Cypress, Florida. Clocking in at over seven hours, the band positioned port-a-potties on stage with them just in case...

7. He wrote a Broadway musical: Although it only had a short two-month run in spring 2013, Hands on a Hardbody, a musical based on a radio contest that involved contestants holding on to a truck for as long as they could (seriously) was a critical success and saw Anastasio nominated for a Tony Award for best original score.

After I graduated from college, I decided that I wanted to study recording a bit more, so I enrolled in the Masters of Media Communication at Webster University in St. Louis. They have a really good audio department headed by Barry Hufker, who is a wizard at classical remote recording. My thesis advisor was Bill Porter, who was Elvis Presley’s engineer on all of his work at the RCA label. Barry gave me great advice in terms of recording techniques, and Bill impressed upon me the importance of doing everything I could to make a session sound great.

Trey anistasio thesis

trey anistasio thesis


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