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In this History Channel video experience the Titanic wreck and corroded metal and debris everywhere. These are only a few things that a person will see when he examines what remains of the Titanic Ralph White, a master cinematographer, explains his past and present voyages to the wreckage of the Titanic. With forty years of experience, and ten past expeditions into the dark depths of the ocean, White learns something new every time he studies the remains of the Titanic. Through his research, dives, and discoveries, Ralph White hopes to one day fill in the blanks in history about what really happened to the "unsinkable" ship.

Snyder offers that permanent modular construction will be a huge trend in the coming years, saying the construction can easily last more than 50 years. “It looks exactly like commercial construction and can be done using many of the same things: metal studs, concrete, or even wood.” Snyder says modular construction fits particularly well when you’re in a time crunch, from fast food restaurants that need to go up quickly to army barracks for military deployment. “It also allows you to have an easier time doing the building as you go,” he says. “Instead of building 100,000 square feet, you can do 25,000 and then later, add on.” Snyder, who has a degree in construction science, sees it also becoming a part of high-rise construction and being particularly popular for how it fits in with LEED requirements. The key, he says, is changing people’s minds about what they envision. “They see it as boxes,” he says, “but it can be so many things that you want it to be.”

Topics construction essays

topics construction essays


topics construction essaystopics construction essaystopics construction essaystopics construction essays