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Symbols of Death and Time

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    Young boy, like a cruel angel's thesis,
    Live up to be a legend...

    Even though clear blue winds
    Beat on the door of my heart,
    You just smile, looking straight at me
    Too involved in yearning for
    Something to hold on
    The innocent eyes still know nothing of fate yet.

    But someday you will notice
    On those shoulders of your
    There are strong wings
    To guide you to the far future.

    A cruel angel's thesis
    Will someday fly high from the window
    If memories are betrayed by
    The overflowing, burning pathos (emotions).
    Holding the sky in your arms,
    Young boy, shine like a legend.
    End of the TV anime opening

    The cradle of love that sleeps within me
    There will be a morining that
    A servant of dreams will come for you.
    The moonlight shines on your thin neckline.
    I'd stop time in this world
    And lock it away for myself, but...

    If there is any meaning
    In the fate that pulled us together,
    Then I am, yes, the Bible
    That teaches you of freedom.

    A cruel angel's thesis
    And then sorrow comes forth
    When the shapes of the dreams you hold in your arms
    Come to life within you.
    Young boy, who shines brighter than anyone else,
    Rise to become a legend.

    People weave together love to create history
    And so I live on,
    Unable to become a goddess...

    A cruel angel's thesis
    Will someday fly high from the window
    If memories are betrayed by
    The overflowing, burning pathos (feelings).
    Young boy, shine like a legend,
    Holding the sky in your arms.

    The temple is famous for a special pooja which is done for removal of black magic. Performed by Sadhus and Aghoris who stay in the temple, this special pooja involves some rituals that cure people who suffer from black magic problems. The sadhus performing the black magic removal worship can be found anywhere inside the temple premise. From the ancient time only, this temple has been dedicated for special Kamakhya black magic removal pooja and known as the place of tantrikism. It is said that this temple is the only place where all 10 mahavidyas stay together.

    Thesis goddess

    thesis goddess


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