Sample essay on sylvia plath

Weekly Warmer™   Short activities designed to stimulate and energize your students.   Title: Conversation: Vacation plans
  Topic : This warmer looks at some language used to describe a vacation at the beach and provides some examples of the past continuous tense and saying sorry when you do not do something   I WB Skills: Apologizing; Reading comprehension; word order.   Level: Elementary  

A whole new world of possibility opens out before you, and somehow, life doesn’t seem so bleak anymore. You don’t get asked what age you are going into the cinema! Your mother doesn’t wait until you’ve gone to bed to watch the video she’s hired out – unless of course it’s an “adult” movie of the coloured kind that you don’t really want to watch anyway. And definitely not with your parents! Another advantage is the summer job which provides money, but more importantly, independence. I personally HATE having to ask my parents for money, and if I do, I have to tell them what it’s for. When you’ve got your own money, you can do what you like with it and are answerable to no-one.

All a mirror is, is a sketch of what we think and how we feel about ourselves, may it be an image that comes from another? s perception of us or not. So it is only up to us how we decide to see ourselves in there. Conclusion In conclusion, according to Neslihan Ekmekcioglu in Sylvia Plath? s poetry, surfaces which are capable of reflecting images from within such as the mirror, the lake, the moon, indeed, stand for her desperate search for her own identity and the reality of her inner psyche. 7] Nevertheless, it is not only reflecting Sylvia Plath? s life and feelings but it has a lot in common with people living these days. It shows the real problems of nowadays that everyone deals with. Everyone wants to be perfect and it is hard to discover our failure. The same like it is hard to find out the truth about ourselves. But only by learning from our own mistakes we can get better and only by knowing the truth about ourselves we can have a good life.

Sample essay on sylvia plath

sample essay on sylvia plath


sample essay on sylvia plathsample essay on sylvia plathsample essay on sylvia plathsample essay on sylvia plath