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Stateful services like this get complicated. In a Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) environment stateful services require a lot of up-front consideration to efficiently store and enable the synchronization of session data across a cluster of Java EE containers. In this type of environment, there's a problem familiar to servlet/JavaServer Pages (JSP) and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) developers who often struggle to find the root causes of during session replication. Whether it's thrown by the servlet container during HttpSession replication or thrown by the EJB container during stateful EJB replication, it's a problem that can cost developers days in trying to pinpoint the one object that doesn't implement Serializable in a sometimes complex graph of objects that constitute the server's state. In addition, session synchronization adds overhead, which impacts server performance.

The client–server communication is constrained by no client context being stored on the server between requests. Each request from any client contains all the information necessary to service the request, and session state is held in the client. The session state can be transferred by the server to another service such as a database to maintain a persistent state for a period and allow authentication. The client begins sending requests when it is ready to make the transition to a new state. While one or more requests are outstanding, the client is considered to be in transition . The representation of each application state contains links that may be used the next time the client chooses to initiate a new state-transition. [11]

In Paper Mario: Sticker Star , Hammer Bros. appear in many worlds of the game. These enemies, like many other returning enemies in the game, are updated to use their design from the main series. Hammer Bros. can attack by either tossing their hammers in the air to hit Mario from above or by throwing them straight at him. The hammer throw attack can come at Mario very fast so the player must be prepared for this attack. This attack as well can throw off timing by either blocking to early and the Hammer Bro waits for at least 2 seconds or Hammer Bros can also throw the hammer before the player even has a chance to block for 1 second. Hammer Bros. also toss hammers outside of battle, which also damage Mario if he is hit. A glitch in the game has one Hammer Bro in Shy Guy Jungle standing in mid-air. Along with Hammer Bros, Snifits Spinies and Scaredy Rats are the enemies that can throw off timing.

Roy fielding rest paper

roy fielding rest paper


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