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The same incidence occurred in Maiduguri, in Potiskun and other Northern towns and cities. When Yusuf and his lieutenants were over powered, the subsequent days, the death toll was already on four digits. Muhammad Yusuf was not declared wanted or alive. Eventually he was caught alive by the army and handed over to police authorities alive shortly after, the police remembered Yaradua’s directive and saw it was necessary to kill him right away without being tried. They gave him multiple shots at close range, and declared him dead, thereby bridging his fundamental human right.

Is the phrase right to die applicable as a right? Leon R. Kass believes that the claim of a right to die is insubstantial because of the precursors pertaining to the meaning of rights. Leon R. Kass believes that the right to die is an ineffectual statement and unprecedented, that it is portrayed as a civil duty to which all should be in unison because Euthanasia is after all Mercy Killing. Right!? This case delves into the moral domain, within which it derives its relevance to the subject of Bioethics, Euthanasia is a popular subject that health care professionals, lawyers and theologians have dealt with for a long time. While it is an extreme and exceptional case to support and argue in favor of, euthanasia among health care professionals and lay public, it becomes more and more common to see supporters of this act especially among health care professionals. Leon R. Kass is trying is trying to convince people that the issues of Euthanasia connected to the concept of rights are incomprehensible. Leon R. Kass states that taken literally, a right to die would denote merely a right to the inevitable; the certainty of death for all the lives is the touchstone of fated inevitability. The reason that these issues have come about is because of the growing technological advances in the medical field. People fear that their lives will end undignified elongation of life, years of reduced far below ordinary standards of civilized life and conduct, of incompetence, and dependence. The people who claim this right believe that a human has the right to live, and that same human should have the right to die under specified conditions of course. Leon R. Kass states that a right to die is increasingly asserted and gaining poplar strength. Americans now believe that if life is miserable one has the right to get out, actively and with help if necessary. It has been fashionable for some time now and in many aspects of American public life f...

In the case of Nancy Cruzan, there was evidence that Nancy would have rather wanted to die than be kept alive as a vegetable. However, the court found this evidence insufficient to definitely prove her wish to refuse medical treatment. On the other hand, the court never asked for a proof that Nancy would rather be kept alive. Even if it did, there was no such evidence. On the contrary, the opposite side was much stronger. Furthermore, the court violated Cruzan’s privacy right to determine her own fate by refusing to accept her own words while still competent as liable to express her wishes and determine her destiny. Even though the court held that competent individuals enjoyed the right to refuse medical treatment, it clearly denied Nancy Cruzan that right since she made that choice prior to the accident that left her a comatose. Her right to privacy, in terms of making a choice, has obviously been lost somewhere in the vigorous debate over other issues, such as the state’s best interest in “preserving life.”

Right to die termpapers

right to die termpapers


right to die termpapersright to die termpapersright to die termpapersright to die termpapers