Racial profiling debate essay

The question before the Court was, is a search constitutional if it would never have taken place if the police were not looking for an excuse to get around the requirements of the Fourth Amendment? In its friend-of-the-court brief, the ACLU argued that pretextual searches violate the core principles of the Fourth Amendment, and warned that to sanction such searches was to "invite discriminatory enforcement." The Court did not heed our warning, however, and instead declared that any traffic offense committed by a driver was a legitimate legal basis for a stop, regardless of the officer's subjective state of mind.

lets face it cops are human. usually not the most enlightened. and they definitely have one of the toughest if not worst jobs one can have. one enforcing the law and second rolling up against some pretty terrible people who need it. this discussion reminds me of the time i got jumped in the middle of my down town. it seems i had spoken to a man’s girl with one too many syllables. for the record none were crude because i surely wasn’t interested. for that i was knocked out with a right hook i never saw coming. after i woke with my face sore from landing on the cement amongst other things i called the cops. they arrived thankfully, unfortunately his girl convinced the officer i was the creep. before i knew it mr 911 was threatening me with jail time. so i said yes sir no sir and shuffled away to wake the next morning sore, swollen and angered beyond compare. cops are just human. they fall for the same stuff we all do. unfortunately sometimes the best way to show them you are normal is with a healthy bit of yes saying. that said i hated every minute of it.
from a port jefferson ny md.

So far the prop's point seems lacking. They have told us that 40% of illegal immigrants have a criminal past[[http:///Illegal_Immigration_Facts_&_Statistics/]] however they have not provided any cases where an illegal immigrant had committed a violent crime in the USA. They asserted that kidnapping was rising in correlation to immigration in Arizona, they are making a causal claim without analysing other causes of kidnapping, sadly a lack of analysis
This point does not appear to have any substantial link to the props case.

Racial profiling debate essay

racial profiling debate essay


racial profiling debate essayracial profiling debate essayracial profiling debate essayracial profiling debate essay