Pcra competition essay

Here's a story that proves it's easier and cheaper to pay employees for overtime while it happens vs. paying for it in court.

Raceway, a petroleum company based in Piscataway, ., promises its customers low prices at the gas pumps at their locations throughout the state. Its website claims the company is famous for its "fast, friendly service," but employees in a class action lawsuit claim that Raceway didn't pay their employees for working overtime.

In April, the . Department of Labor settled a case against Raceway to the tune of $ million in unpaid overtime for six years and more than 700 former and current employees. Raceway, who continues to deny the charges, nonetheless has agreed to pay damages and $100,000 in civil penalties as well as hiring an independent monitor to survey the company's time clocks. $ million will go to overtime compensation and another $ million will go toward damages.

Pcra competition essay

pcra competition essay


pcra competition essaypcra competition essaypcra competition essaypcra competition essay