Ottoman empire essay thesis

Having lasted 6 centuries, The Ottoman Empire had both a negative and positive impact to the world surrounding it. It had led to the embracement of the ideology of Ottomanism before its decline. The empire failed to adapt to the changing dynamic world which can be seen in its military being outdated, slave trade, lack of technological knowhow and also its autocratic way of leadership which did not give room for democracy which was being embraced in the world then. This literally led to denial of human rights and freedoms to its citizens.

In fact, when placed in context, the Muslims’ lust for booty only further validates the expansionist-jihad thesis (see Majid Khadurri’s   War and Peace in the Law of Islam , which contains an entire chapter on spoils, ghanima , and their central role in jihad). From the start, the jihadi was guaranteed one of two rewards for his war efforts: martyrdom if he dies, plunder if he lives. The one an eternal, the other a temporal reward — a win-win situation that, at least according to early Christian and Muslim chroniclers, played a major role in the success of the Muslim conquests. In other words, that the sources indicate the Muslims were booty-hungry does not in the least negate the fact that — as with all of the initial Muslim conquests, starting with the Prophet Mohammed at the Battle of Badr — territorial conquests and the acquisition of booty went hand in hand and were the natural culmination of the jihad.

1. The Ottoman Empire was once a superpower, ruling the Middle East and much of northern Africa and eastern Europe.
2. By the end of the 1800s the empire was in decline, shrinking in size and subject to internal problems and instability.
3. There were attempts at political reform, such as the Young Turk rebellion, though they did not arrest the decline.
4. Despite its 19th century problems, the Ottomans occupied a critical position, controlling access to the Black Sea.
5. The European powers showed a strong interest in the future of the empire, particularly Germany, which invested in the Berlin-Baghdad railway that passed through Ottoman territory.

Ottoman empire essay thesis

ottoman empire essay thesis


ottoman empire essay thesisottoman empire essay thesisottoman empire essay thesisottoman empire essay thesis