Ib psychology essay sample

IB implements an assessment model that combines internal assessment tasks that are graded by SFS teachers and moderated by the IB with exams that are graded by external IB examiners. Students electing to take IB subjects for the IB Diploma or individual courses are expected to complete ALL the required internal assessment tasks, and to sit the specified number of external examinations in May of the second year of the program. Students electing to take the subject for SFS credit only will complete ALL the internal assessment tasks, but will NOT be required to sit the external IB examinations. In lieu of this, they will sit an end of semester final examination or assessment task devised by their class teacher in Year 2 of the course. This will go toward their final SFS result.

"In conclusion, it is very effective to explain aggression through the biological perspective since there are many aspects that control aggression such as hormones and even parts of the brain. It is effective because through the assumptions of the biological perspective, such as all behaviour is caused and that all that is psychological is physiological-since the mind appears to reside the brain, all thoughts, behaviour and emotions ultimately have a physical cause- it can be concluded that aggression is caused by the brain and certain chemicals and hormones."

Ib psychology essay sample

ib psychology essay sample


ib psychology essay sampleib psychology essay sampleib psychology essay sampleib psychology essay sample