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Despite the ghostwriter-y roots of many of the songs, the album offers a solid glimpse into Harris’ sound, particularly highlighting his crisp vocals and catchy hooks. The lead two tracks “Fascinating” and “Coldplay” have already been positively received, though a deeper look at the album shows Harris’ innate ability to draw listeners in from the get-go, as evidenced on “Red Balloons,” a more rock-centric tune with a dramatic piano opening. Other highlights include “Kerosene,” whose mellow groove and mournful lyrics are perfectly complemented by Harris’ cascading voice, and “Average Joe,” which shows off Harris’ emotive guitar stylings.

Trump asserted in his 2016 presidential run that Art of the Deal is "the No. 1 selling business book of all time." [18] In a detailed analysis by Linda Qiu in the Tampa Bay Times , other business books were found to have sold many more copies than Art of the Deal . [14] Qiu noted it was impossible to find exact sales figures, but gave a range of possibilities based on known claims and facts. Compared to six other famous business books, Art of the Deal ranked in fifth place according to her analysis; the first place book, How to Win Friends and Influence People , outsold it by a factor of 15 times. [14]

Ghostwriter hotel

ghostwriter hotel


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