Gcse dt coursework specification

Session 3 Today No Session 3 Today Tomorrow Shakespeare for Fun Year: 7/8 Staff: FVM KS3 Girls Football Year: 7/8 Staff: LEH/LAW Year 7/8 Trampolining Year: 7/8 Staff: SEH Year 7 A Team Football Year: 7 Staff: AKB KS3 Athletics Year: 7/8 Staff: RLO/SW/LR Girls Basketball Year: 7/8/9/10/11 Staff: RMS/FFP Army Cadets Year: 8/9/10/11/12/13 Staff: JCG/LLW/RV Book Club Year: 8 Staff: CLO English Intervention Year: 9 Staff: LLR BTEC Business Year: 9 Staff: Business Staff GCSE History Year: 9 Staff: RAH/DDP KS4 Girls Football Year: 9/10/11 Staff: LEH/LAW KS4 Athletics Year: 9/10/11 Staff: RLO/SW/LR KS4 Fitness Year: 9/10/11 Staff: SH Bronze DofE (invite only) Year: 10 Staff: MTS English Intervention Year: 10 Staff: KKF BTEC Business Year: 10 Staff: RAK KS4 CREST Award Year: 10 Staff: English Intervention Year: 11 Staff: MTS Applied Science Year: 12/13 Staff: SAC/KKN BTEC ICT (invite only) Year: 12/13 Staff: HMS Biology Year: 12 Staff: MJR AGCE Business Year: 12/13 Staff: DRM English Literature Year: 12/13 Staff: ELH Biology Year: 13 Staff: FKW Psychology Year: 13 Staff: NLL BTEC Sport/A Level PE Year: 12/13 Staff: PE Staff KS5 Fitness Year: 12/13 Staff: SH

Ashlawn values all students equally and is proud of its commitment to an inclusive mainstream education. Partner teachers, specialist staff and Teaching Assistants from the Learning Development Department (SEN) work with subject teachers in lessons across the curriculum, age and ability range. Some students may be withdrawn from lessons for individual and small group teaching and learning, if this is considered to be the most effective way to meet their individual needs. A wide range of support is offered within the department itself including spelling groups, handwriting club and additional reading. All students have access to homework and coursework support which is available during lunchtime and after school. This range of support means that we expect our students to perform not only to expectations from their primary school predictions but also to comfortably exceed expectations as many of our students do year after year.

Headmistress, Sarah Dunn was delighted to see such a brilliant set of results. “The girls have truly excelled and what is even more remarkable is that so many of them are also very talented in other areas. Quite a few have already gained Grade 8 in a range of musical instruments, others sing in the National Youth Choir or play in the National Youth Orchestra and a large number are fantastic Sports’ Leaders. Once again, I am just so proud of both the wonderful pupils and the superb staff here. This is such an inspirational place to come to work each day!”

Gcse dt coursework specification

gcse dt coursework specification


gcse dt coursework specificationgcse dt coursework specificationgcse dt coursework specificationgcse dt coursework specification