Examples of abortion essays

Admittedly this is a difficult subject to broach, but if only the good die young potential will be cut short before fruition. Abortion is genocide. Abortion of the handicap is target practice for unethical so called “doctors” like shooting fish in a barrel. The only hope these babies have is their guardians’ decision to let them live. Then there are those mothers who forego abortion in hopes of having a perfect kid, as is evidenced by Kanner that a “mother’s fleeting thought of an induced abortion was counteracted by the firm determination to rear ‘a perfect baby.’” (1949).

There have been lawsuits against Wikipedia and its editors. For example, Theodore Katsanevas, a Greek politician sued a Wikipedia editor and the WMF to seek removal of allegedly defamatory materials from the Greek Wikipedia. A Greek Court granted a preliminary injunction requiring the removal of material, but other editors have added it back in and have translated the biography with the offending material into 20 other languages. A full trial is expected in 2016, and the WMF has promised to pay all of the defendants' legal fees. [166]

Examples of abortion essays

examples of abortion essays


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