Essays of montagne

Until the 1950s, Kingsmere Road was linked to Mountain Road by Lauriault's Hill Road, and the farmers from Hollow Glen would climb up the escarpment, every Sunday, to go to the church of Saint Stephen in Old Chelsea. Lauriault's Hill represented one of the openings to the Ottawa Valley for the pioneers of the Gatineau Hills. Today, this old road is closed. It has disappeared (in the woods), as has the memory of Jean-Baptiste Lauriault, Michael Mulvihill and Lyle Beamish.
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Though widely associated with Muhammad, the prophet of Islam who lived in Arabia in 6th century, there is no written or oral tradition that traces this phrase back to him. There is however, a phrase in Turkish, "Dağ sana gelmezse, sen dağa gideceksin…" ("If the mountain won't come to you, you must go to the mountain") that has no reference to Muhammad (an alternative version of which is to be found at Dağ yürümezse abdal yürür ), known as one of the " atasözleri ", or common sayings that exist in modern Turkish, but are thought to have much older origins.

Essays of montagne

essays of montagne


essays of montagneessays of montagneessays of montagneessays of montagne