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* The population figures are adapted from the official 1790 census figures. Consistent with the founding of 1788, a) 136,000 from Maine have been added to Massachusetts, b) 74,000 from Kentucky have been added to Virginia, and c) 36,000 from the SW Territories have been to North Carolina.
** Jackson Turner Main has the entry vote as 170 yes, 190 no.
*** Postponed earlier meeting on February 22, 1788. Jackson Turner Main lists the entering vote in June as 30 yes, 77 no.
**** Rejected Constitution 184-84 on August 2, 1788. Jackson Turner Main lists the vote as 193 no, 75 yes.
***** Rejected several attempts to hold ratifying convention.

As for Virginia, which only ratified the Constitution at its convention on June 25, Hamilton writes in a letter to Madison that the collected edition of The Federalist had been sent to Virginia; Furtwangler presumes that it was to act as a "debater's handbook for the convention there," though he claims that this indirect influence would be a "dubious distinction." [29] Probably of greater importance to the Virginia debate, in any case, were George Washington's support for the proposed Constitution and the presence of Madison and Edmund Randolph , the governor, at the convention arguing for ratification.

Essays of brutus v

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