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The MDP has the following benefits:
• Hands on training and virtual training in a variety of disciplines:  
          • Grounds Maintenance           • Maintenance Operations           • Leasing Sales
          • Marketing                               • Revenue Management               • Accounting
          • Human Resources                  • Legal Regulations                       • Risk Management
• Experience multifamily operations through position rotations in maintenance and office operations.
• Network with multifamily associates in the local industry through association meetings and trade shows.
• Interact with WRH executive management.

Currently enrolled in the 3rd year of undergraduate program or recent college graduate within last 2 years
Selection is made by a 3 or 4 person executive committee

The selection committee uses the following criteria when reviewing applications:
Minimum of GPA
Work Experience: 
Business related field a plus(management, marketing, finance, accounting)
Extra Curricular Activities will be Considered:
That demonstrate an ability to problem solve & collaborate well with others
College and Work References:
2 faculty members and 1 employer (preferred)
references to specifically comment on leadership skills, ability to work with minimal supervision, communication skills, ability to meet deadlines and dependability
Personal Statement Essays:
Will address applicants professional goals, independence, ability to collaborate, leadership skills, organizational planning, & writing ability


Essays careers

essays careers


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