E-thesis full text

IEICE ELECTRON EXPRESS is abbreviated as "IEICE Electron. Express." On January 1st, 2013, ELEX has changed the way of identifying its paper from a combination of three numbers, volume, issue, and page to a paper-number that is an unique eight-digit serial number like 20130001. Accordingly, we would like to ask all the authors to cite the paper as presented below. A following example is a typical citation format in ELEX. The format is a sequence of authors' names, journal title, volume number, publication year in parentheses, and paper number:

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The Materials and Methods section must include sufficient technical information to allow the experiments to be repeated. The sources of all media (., name and location of manufacturer) or components of a new formulation must be provided.
When centrifugation conditions are mentioned, give enough information to enable another investigator to repeat the procedure: brand of the centrifuge (manufacturer), model of the equipment and modelo of the rotor, temperature, time at maximum speed, and centrifugal force (X g rather than revolutions per minute).
For devices and other products, the specific brand or trade name, the manufacturer and their location (city, state, country) should be provided the first time the device or product is mentioned in the text, for example, “IBM SPSS Statistics version was used (IBM Corp., Armonk, NY, USA)". Another example: QIAamp® DNA Mini Kit (QIAGEN Inc., Hilden, USA). Thereafter, the generic term (if appropriate) should be used.

E-thesis full text

e-thesis full text


e-thesis full texte-thesis full texte-thesis full texte-thesis full text