Dive instructor resume

The fact that they teach three full stacks is a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand, it allows students to get a wide berth of exposure to different languages and frameworks and potentially find a favorite or one they want to target in their job search. It also teaches you to learn new languages and frameworks quickly, as you'll have experience starting from zero at least three times. On the other hand, you can come out of it with experience that looks a bit shallow compared to someone who went to a bootcamp and studied one stack consistently for three months. My advice is to find your favorite and continue expanding your knowledge in that after graduating. (And overall, I prefer the idea of learning multiple stacks.)

While most of her work is in coaching new recurve and longbow students, Virginia does assist with beginning compound bow and crossbow shooters (student must have their own compound or crossbow) too. Her attention to detail has enabled her to become certified for both Northern California and Southern California through the State of California Department of Fish & Wildlife (previously the Department of Fish and Game) for hunting safety... a specialty accreditation that merges both safety and performance in wilderness and high stress situations for archery and gun work.

Dive instructor resume

dive instructor resume


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