College admissions representative resume

I’m a graduate student at Yale who teaches undergrads, and I can attest to the sheer drive, ambition, and intelligence of the undergrad population at large. What continuously bothers myself and my colleagues is the copious amount of privilege and sense of entitlement among them—Yale has always, and will always, admit an elite student population. I accept this. But it is unfortunate at how easy it is in any given section I have taught to spot the kids (and there are usually more than a few) who went to Deerfield Academy, Horace Mann, Harvard Westlake, etc etc. Insider culture is alive and present, but no matter, while such students may be smart, and articulate, they are never the most creative, imaginative, or talented. I have come to believe that the intelligence I admire is scrappy, and can only come from some sort of lack or need. It it were up to me, I’d always choose the shy public school kid that still thinks squash is a vegetable.

In 2007, members of the Annapolis Group discussed a letter to college presidents asking them not to participate in the US News "reputation survey". [53] A majority of the approximately 80 presidents at the meeting agreed not to participate, [54] although the statements were not binding. [55] Members pledged to develop alternative web-based information formats [55] in conjunction with several collegiate associations. [56] US News responded that their peer assessment survey helps them measure a college's "intangibles" such as the ability of a college's reputation to help a graduate win a first job or entrance into graduate school. [57] An article by Nicholas Thompson in Washington Monthly criticized the . News rankings as "confirming the prejudices of the meritocracy" by tuning their statistical algorithms to entrench the reputations of a handful of schools, while failing to measure how much students learn. [58] Thompson described the algorithms as being "opaque enough that no one outside the magazine can figure out exactly how they work, yet clear enough to imply legitimacy." [58]

Blinn College is an open-admissions college, however there are requirements that must be met depending on the student's background. Once these requirements are met, the student will be accepted into Blinn College. This page will give you information on what your admissions requirements are based on your incoming situation. With the passing of Senate Bill 1107, students are required to provide documentation regarding their bacterial meningitis vaccination.  Please refer to the following page for detailed information regarding Bacterial Meningitis . 

College admissions representative resume

college admissions representative resume


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