Book help cd fulfillment services

An indicia (also called a permit imprint) is an imprinted designation on mail that denotes postage payment. The indicia is printed in the upper right-hand corner where the postage stamp would be. Or, it can be printed along with the address in the 2” x 4” white space. It indicates whether the mailing is First Class or Standard. It also shows the Post Office of origin, and the Account Permit Number. In order to mail your CDs at the discounted rates offered by the USPS, it is necessary to have an indicia printed on the mailer. As part of your direct mail package, Disc Makers will provide one for you. Please call us for details. (1-800-237-6666)

Part One: The Master's Journey
1. What Is Mastery?
2. Meet the Dabbler, the Obsessive, and the Hacker
3. America's War Against Mastery
4. Loving the Plateau Part Two: The Five Master Keys
5. Key 1: Instruction
6. Key 2: Practice
7. Key 3: Surrender
8. Key 4: Intentionality
9. Key 5: The Edge Part Three: Tools for Mastery
10. Why Resolutions Fail - and What to Do About It
11. Getting Energy for Mastery
12. Pitfalls Along the Path
13. Mastering the Commonplace
14. Packing for the Journey Epilogue: The Master and the Fool Editorial Reviews "George Leonard is a remarkable man who embodies what he teaches: an amazing curiosity, a passionate intelligence, and the rare combination of someone who has both a broad vision and the focused mastery of details."— Dean Ornish, New York Times bestselling author of The Spectrum "If he's right—and Leonard has been right so many times about prevailing zeitgeists that you have to wonder if he has a third eye—the upcoming decade might be known as the decade of mastery."— San Francisco Chronicle "George Leonard translates the wisdom of Zen into a self-help program for sticking with it—whether you want to learn aikido or need support in realizing long-held goals."— The New Age Journal

Book help cd fulfillment services

book help cd fulfillment services


book help cd fulfillment servicesbook help cd fulfillment servicesbook help cd fulfillment servicesbook help cd fulfillment services