Being a triplet essay

They had a point. The answer to this was as follows: "Medical, biologic and natural science has long since proven that this is a living human from conception. Our founding fathers, in the charter of this republic spoke clearly, stating "we hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights — of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." The pro-life response accordingly, was very direct. "Religious belief is a powerful motivator for the individual person. But this is not merely a religious issue, it is primarily a human rights issue, a civil rights issue, and our nation and other western nations, make laws to protect civil and human rights."

Celebrating cycloaddition reactions with numbers and orbitals: The orbital interaction diagrams for [4+2], [6+4], and [8+2] cycloaddition reactions in the paintings on the wall look simple. However, in reality, it is challenging to move from six to ten electrons for cycloaddition reactions as is discussed by K. A. Jørgensen et al. in their Essay on page 10033 ff. Being successful with [6+4] and [8+2] higher-order cycloaddition reactions deserves a toast and celebrations—as Angewandte Chemie celebrates the 80th birthday of Roald Hoffmann—as illustrated by the flowers with a very special shape and several contributions in this issue.

Growing up being a triplet makes for an extremely interesting childhood. It has several pros and cons (a huge percentage of these being normal for even non-multiples), but ultimately, it makes for a unique childhood that a lucky, select few have the privilege of experiencing. I would argue that growing up being a triplet has not only made me unique, but also been an awesome experience (for the most part).

I’ll start with the drawbacks of being a multiple. One of the most irritating encounters is when someone blatantly compares you and your siblings by pointing out your similarities and differences. Yes, I am aware that my sister is taller than me, and no, I did not dye my hair brown so people could tell us apart. Comparing our differences and similarities is similar to observing animals at the zoo. Also, as a side note, identical multiples are a result of a fertilized egg separating into two parts. They often look extremely similar and are always the same gender. Therefore, if you encounter a set of twins or triplets of different genders, please do not ask if they are identical. This will save us from correcting you, and you from feeling embarrassed.

My siblings and I are often referred to as “the triplets.” While this would make a killer band name, we prefer to not be grouped together. Just because you are a multiple does not mean you are one unit. We are diverse and complex beings just like anybody else.

Now it’s on to the positives. Growing up a triplet was awesome. When we were little, we always had someone to play with. Additionally, playing games together was way more exciting because after all, the more the merrier! Birthday celebrations and parties were always fun and exciting (once you finally agreed on how to celebrate). Also, being a triplet is a great fun fact to share when trying to meet new people. It is an interesting fact that grabs people’s interest and sets you apart from others.

Something that was really cool about growing up a triplet was that I always had two other people by my side no matter what. Nerve wrecking occasions such as the first day of school, SATs, and applying to college were made slightly less terrifying knowing that I had two other people by my side going through it with me. This has been an amazing gift which I could not be more grateful for.

Being a triplet essay

being a triplet essay


being a triplet essaybeing a triplet essaybeing a triplet essay