Atm research paper

To access the metro and get on buses , trams and trolley-buses you have to select a card and perform the validation at the beginning of the trip.
To access the metro you can touch the readers with the QR code at the equipped turnstiles . In case of one-day tickets you have to re-validate the active travel document at ATM Milano before each passage through a turnstile.
Alternatively you can print the ticket at the automatic ticket machine choosing the section "Tickets with PIN/PNR code" and entering the alphanumeric code that you find in the section “Print PNR” of the app after validation. The printed ticket will report the remaining time validity. Remember to keep the ticket until the end of its validity.
To access the urban sections of Trenord you will need to print the ticket at the automatic ticket machine. 

The following tickets are available via the ATM Milano App:
- urban single ticket for €
- urban day pass for 4,50€
- RHO Fieramilano 2015 return ticket for 5€
- single ticket to or from RHO Fieramilano 2015 for € 

Attention: un-installing and updating the app after the ticket's validation will cause the loss of the ticket.

Atm research paper

atm research paper


atm research paperatm research paperatm research paperatm research paper