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    So we had a developer create wordpress blog who i believe used this exact code to create profile fields for our users, I am trying to take this now a step further. The two custom fields we have are Location and Program, where the user can indicate where they are and what program they are with. I am trying to create a page that filters on these two fields, so for all the users who have Rome, Italy it will return all the bloggers who have this. Or if someone clicks on a Program title it will filter all the users who have that program name. Can anyone help me get started on how to accomplish this?

    If I have a literal top section and bottom section of different content it doesn’t mean I want to have a big heading for the user to see that says “Top Section” or “bottom section” because that would be stating the obvious as they will most likely be separated in some visual way with styling . The semantic part comes in when another developer is reading the code and can see two sections with id’s of top-content and bottom-content.
    As for trying to not use sections for styling, should I really have a redundant div around or inside a section to ensure I don’t use styles on the section? I know that’s not what you are saying, but I can’t think of any section on a page that I would not apply some style to even it it’s just a margin between sections.

    Add custom footer thesis theme

    add custom footer thesis theme


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