Abortion controversy research paper

Three months is a very short time to traverse the massive philosophical and political divide between “baby killers” and “stay out of my body.” It would be one thing is Lahren had been pro-choice on her own show and then announced a hardcore pro-life position on The View. That would suggest someone who had made a big shift but was sticking to their own internal convictions despite the resistance from the immediate audience. But that’s not what happened here. Instead, it looks as if Lahren has been telling each audience what they wanted to hear. And if that’s true on one of the fundamental issues dividing the major parties and the country, it could be true on other issues as well.

Isn’t the ability to make a decision one of humanity’s strongest attributes? It seems like many of the opponents of abortion don’t understand this at all. The tone of anti-abortion rhetoric is often offensive in that it paints a picture in which our abortion laws force women to choose abortion over life… I also can’t help but notice that when affluent “liberals” choose abortion they are murderers, but when “minorities” have abortion they are portrayed as being stupid and misguided (forced by someone? to have abortions). This is so overtly racist it boggles my mind… Poor people still have the ability to make informed decisions, whatever their skin color. Why don’t these conservative folks host fundraisers that support poor mothers? Well, that would be “doing something,” which is scary, and besides, that would be socialist, which is “un-American.”

But Sander’s pragmatism was firmly rejected by the president of NARAL. Ilyse Hogue released a statement saying , “Abortion access is not a ‘single issue’ or a ‘social issue. It is a proxy for women to have control over our lives, our family’s lives, our economic well-being, our dignity, and human rights.” In other words, no hint of compromise is acceptable on this issue. That position was given some added weight by the fact that progressive women had taken the lead in ‘The Resistance’ to the Trump administration.

Abortion controversy research paper

abortion controversy research paper


abortion controversy research paperabortion controversy research paperabortion controversy research paperabortion controversy research paper