Abominable pig essay

During the Mexican War the United States acquired enormous territories in the West, and what by then abolitionists called the “slave power” was pressing to colonize these lands. That prompted an obscure congressman from Pennsylvania to submit an amendment to a Mexican War funding bill
in 1846 that would have prevented slavery in any territory acquired from Mexico—which became known, after its author, as the Wilmot Proviso. Even though it failed to pass into law, the very act of presenting the measure became a cause célèbre among Southerners who viewed it as further evidence that Northerners were not only out to destroy their “peculiar institution,” but their political power as well.

2. Chicago May Day '86: organize "religious" procession for Haymarket "Martyrs"--huge banners with sentimental portraits, wreathed in flowers & streaming with tinsel & ribbon, borne by penitenti in black KKKatholic-style hooded gowns--outrageous campy TV acolytes with incense & holy water sprinkle the crowd--anarchists w/ash-smeared faces beat themselves with little flails & whips--a "Pope" in black robes blesses tiny symbolic coffins reverently carried to Cemetery by weeping punks. Such a spectacle ought to offend nearly everyone .

Wow thank you so much Roger! That means a LOT to hear. I really put my all into these and work to build a deliberate progression of the thought process. I make most of my videos with the non-vegan viewer in mind. So if I use terminology and framing that sits well within a vegan mentality, start out with more recognizable concepts and terms and then walk through to the conclusion, offering factual support so that viewers may come to the conclusion on their own rather than me saying “this is what you should believe.” Not usually an easy thing to craft and I by no means always get everything right.

Abominable pig essay

abominable pig essay